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Branch 30 News

On this page we'll post news updates from Branch 30.

29th May, 2023

Upcoming HAMCRAM 15th/16th June 2024

Details here Ham Cram

27 April 2024

October 2024 Shag Valley Station trans-ocean 100th Centenary celebrations

Over the last few days, after lots of negotiating, we have got access pretty much sorted for Shag Valley Station, the historic shearing shed this time. Mill Hill Station in London are now also coming on board again so we are now able to say that the big event at 0630 UTC on the the 18th October (Friday in NZ) will go ahead. The Shag Valley Station committee are now full steam ahead in getting down to the nitty gritty of how it will all run. The Branch has secured ZL100DX/ZM100DX for the duration - more info on how that will operate in due course. We expect to run similar frequencies and bands as last time in the days leading up to the event as well as other DX work in the weeks prior.

More information as the planning progresses

17 December 2023

QSL Bureau Stamps Exhibition

With kind thanks to Sue Vernall, Branch 30 NZART is pleased to present an exhibition of QSL Bureau Stamps. This exhibit was part of the Wellington Philatelic Society entry for the NZ Inter Club One Frame competition held in Christchurch in November 2023. Explore the exhibition and find out more about this fascinating subject.

Website navigation changes

The navigation menu on the website has changed slightly. We've moved the Club Net and Lawn Mowing rosters into a new Rosters subsection of the website.

10 December 2023

AMSAT UK 23CM update

Updated report - 10th December 2023. Read it here. AMSAT 10th December report

12 November 2023

AMSAT UK 23CM report

AMSAT UK have released an update report on the 23cm band. Read it here. AMSAT 4th November report

29 October 2023

A new 2023 Past Events gallery has been created. New images are being added as they are received. Thanks to everyone who are sending in their photos. Send them to along with a date and caption. Thanks :)

16 October 2023


The next Ham Cram at Otago Branch will be held over the weekend 11-12th November.

Here is your chance to become an Amateur Radio operator, get on the airwaves and participate in all the club activities. Here's more information from our President, Dave Mulder, ZL4DK Ham Cram

15 October 2023

Website goes live

The updated website is now live. Please let know if you spot anything amiss.

NZ Callsign Centenary Challenge

On 7 June 1923 the first New Zealand amateur callsigns were allocated. To commemorate this historic centenary NZART has launched a special Callsign Centenary Award.

30 Sept 2023

Website Changes Ahoy

Work is underway to create a new site powered by a more friendly CMS. In this case we're using DokuWiki.

The aim is to make it easier to update website content and to simplify ongoing updates to web software.

Content is being migrated from the current website to this one. At the same time some menu changes and text layout are being applied.

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